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Child Custody

In Child Custody Case Investigations there’s nothing more precious than that the child. Rest assured we will deliver the best child custody spouse investigation possible to help your case. The utmost care needs to be devoted to the needs of the child and not the inside of a courtroom. Let us be the investigative eyes and ears for your legal team to get the best possible outcome for your family.


Private Detective for Child Custody Investigations in Erie, Morgantown, Pittsburgh, Youngstown & New Castle, PA

Empire Investigation has experience dealing with the complex and emotional issues around domestic investigations. Finding proof of infidelity or the lack of parental fitness can provide the best outcome for all involved parties, and can lead to a faster resolution.

Divorce/Infidelity Investigations

We have the resources and state of the art forensic and investigative tools to provide the proof of a third party involvement can assist you towards a more positive divorce settlement. The evidence we provide can prove “Inclination and Opportunity”and is documented through detailed reports, investigator testimony, videos, photographs, legal tracking devices, and background investigations. This invaluable information establishes a strong "bargaining power" in negotiations for a divorce settlement. High-tech makes it easy to check if a loved one is cheating (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette) Child Custody Case Spouse Investigation and Forensic Analysis Services to help you win your case – Empire Investigation LLC 1-800-860-6068

Child Custody

The facts provided in this investigation can assist attorneys in their recommendation of the parent chosen for child custody. We provide documented facts of unwarranted behavior of persons directly involved with your children. Our surveillance techniques and extensive investigation of criminal records and background information are used in an effort to prevent child neglect or abuse.