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Bug Detector in Pittsburgh, Erie, Morgantown, New Castle, and Youngstown, Pennsylvania

If you are looking for a Pittsburgh, PA bug detector that you can count on to deliver results, you have reached the right website. Our company, Empire Investigation, is a tried-and-true local resource that is always on the cutting edge of current bug detector technology. We have the ideal combination of experience and technological savvy to consistently exceed the expectations of our corporate, government, law enforcement, and individual bug detector clients.

Our company was founded back in 1982 by our Chief Executive Officer Robert Kresson. This is a highly experienced professional who is widely regarded as one of the leading counterespionage investigators in the entire country. Over the decades that he has been serving clients, he has established a global network of espionage experts who provide ongoing ancillary support. The investigators that we have on our bug detector team are carefully selected, and they have impressive backgrounds in law enforcement, computer technology, forensics, and military operations. We have the experience, the manpower, and the technology that it takes to stay steps ahead of any individual or entity who wants to invade your privacy.

There was once a time when a bug detector would be strictly confined to audio recording devices, because video surveillance equipment was not readily available. However, times have changed, and video surveillance techniques have become quite sophisticated. These days, a bug detector will be concerned with audio and video surveillance devices that can be deployed just about anywhere. They can be embedded into fixtures like smoke detectors and sprinkler heads, so they can be all but invisible to the naked eye. Since we provide audio and video surveillance services to some of our clients, we know exactly what to look for, and we know precisely how to find it. If you want to engage an expert bug detector that will unmask any efforts that are being made to invade your privacy, we will always be standing by to assist you.

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We deliver results to our bug detector clients, and this is what it is all about, but we also place an emphasis on quality service from the first moment that you reach out to us on the phone. A knowledgeable Pittsburgh-based team member will answer all of your questions and advise you with regard to the next step if you decide to proceed. If you would like to get started, call us toll-free right now at 800-860-6068.