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Empire Investigations helps bust employees playing hooky (video from WTAE Pittsburgh)

Empire Investigation LLC - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Established in 1982, Empire Investigation LLC has provided a comprehensive array of investigative services.

Our award winning commitment to excellence and our expert team has cultivated an international reputation based on experience and success.

State-of-the-Art Surveillance and Electronic Counter Measures TSCM

We specialize in state-of-the-art surveillance equipment and experienced investigators to obtain the most sensitive information competently and discretely for you and your clients.

International Expertise

Empire Investigation and their affiliates have worked on over 10,000 assignments in over 20 countries and has extensive expertise providing high quality, sophisticated, responsive and discreet risk consulting and intelligence services to clients throughout the world.


The firm’s mission is to help clients worldwide maximize their performance and achieve strategic objectives through intelligence, analysis and problem solving.

Experienced Private Investigators and Detectives

Empire Investigation and Security utilizes experienced investigators put together in teams unique for each job. Due to the sensitive nature of the work involved, our investigators are not individually identified but their credentials are available upon request.

Founder and CEO Robert Kresson

The Founder and CEO of Empire Investigation Robert Kresson, founder and CEO has over 25 years of experience as a licensed private investigator in the corporate and domestic arenas.

Mr. Kresson is one of the country’s top counterespionage investigators. His expertise spans from both the technical and human aspects to obtain sensitive information.

Mr. Kresson manages a team of seasoned investigators nationally and internationally. Empire Investigations will assemble a diverse investigative team and tailored services to meet the needs of each specific client needs. Mr. Kresson personally oversees every Empire Investigations case.

Intelligence Gathering and Strategic Guidance

Empire Investigation LLC draws on the talents of a diverse cadre of experts, from a wide range of disciplines and experience, who collectively provide intelligence coupled with sound and strategic guidance to advance business objectives.

Private Detectives with Law Enforcement, Computer Technology, the Military and Forensice Behavioral Health Experience

Our investigators have backgrounds with local and federal law enforcement agencies, computer technology, the military, and forensic behavioral health.

Empire utilizes its unique access to an international network of skilled professionals combined with an ability to undertake programmatic intelligence collection and sophisticated research and analysis. Resumes of our experts are available upon request.

Accurate, well-sourced information is more important than ever in a complex, inter-dependent, global economy. The demands of the marketplace and the current security environment require that decision-makers have access to information that extends beyond the offerings of media or on-line databases.

Private Investigators with Descretion Who Value Client Privacy

The work is conducted with discretion, assuring the privacy of its clients and the effectiveness of its product. Our approach to information collection is programmatic, and designed to be swift and effective. Empire’s clients include Fortune 500 companies, leading financial institutions, major law firms. law enforcement, and high net-worth individuals.


Access to an international network of intelligence and law enforcement experts, leading academics, journalists, and specialized experts in forensic sciences and national security.

Sophisticated research and strategic analysis based on discreet behind-the-scenes collection, as well as proprietary and open source databases.

Expertise in traditional investigative services such as due diligence, asset tracing and fraud investigations.